Winter Lighting Workshop February 2023

As artists and professionals, we should always be striving to continue our education and develop professionally. A great way to do that is by attending workshops. I was fortunate enough to find a local workshop put on by Jann Moscoso at a sweet photo studio PopupSpeakeasy. Jann hosted and organized the event, brought in some fantastic professional models and provided some solid education of techniques of off-camera flash studio lighting.

Studio work is something I don't usually do, I'm more of a location photographer, but the multiple different sets at PopupSpeakeasy made for a really interesting learning experience. Check out some of the highlights...

girl sitting in the back of a Volkswagen bus
burlesque model holding roses
street model in an alley
ballerina holding a pose
speakeasy model with feather bouquet
go go girl leaning on Volkswagen bus
burlesque dancer between songs
fashion model posing with flowers
vintage van and female model
ballerina posing in a split