Elegance and Beauty

The most cherished moments in our lives only happen once, only to be made into a memory. Photography is preserving the permanence of these memories to be passed on for the next generation.

couple kissing on a wooden bridge set in the forest at Minnewaska State Park

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

(Karl Lagerfeld)
cowboy posing with his work truck in a field
family posing for a photo with their pet donkey on their family farm
man posing for a lifestyle portrait at the gazebo at Minnewaska lake
pregnant woman leaning up against a brick wall looking down at her belly
cowgirl posing at the stone house on a working farm
woman seated on railing overlooking Hudson River at sunset
woman posing on a barstool with pretty background lights
Black and white family photo on beach
family posing on the beach with the ocean in the background and a rainbow in the sky
pregnant woman posing in front of Awosting Falls

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